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We pursue a policy of continuous development, in other words we always strive to improve our range and when introducing new models we have concern for the environment very much on the agenda.

Our XFIRE range was developed specifically to aid in the reduction of CO2 emissions and to help to extend fossil fuel reserves. Our product design and quality control criteria ensures that our appliances comply with British, European and US standards.

When developing new products, we now endeavour to develop by far the most efficient gas fires, so that over time all our products will generate minimal fuel and energy usage and maximum heat output for the fuel used.

Nearly all gas fires lose some heat through a chimney or flue, even balanced flue fires, with the exception of flueless fires. Traditional open solid fuel fires are only around 20% efficient, meaning that 80% of the generated heat can go up the chimney instead of into the room. An open decorative gas fire can be more efficient than this, perhaps 30-50% efficient. Electric fires are said to be 100% efficient, but this does not take into account transmission losses between the power station and your home, which can be as high as 70%.

It is worth remembering that even when an open fire (gas or solid fuel) is not in use it can still take existing room heat from sources like radiators and storage heaters.

Acquisitions X-FIRES are highly efficient flueless fires, recently developed to meet demand for real flame contemporary fires but with modern levels of efficiency.

These fires are 100% efficient and even when taking into account the room airvent which is required by law, the builders SAP ratings when building a new house are the best available when using an X-FIRE flueless fire.

We also concentrate on minimising waste in the production, delivery and packaging of our products and our clear objective is to minimise, or wherever practical eliminate, wastage.

We are committed to preventing pollution and will endeavour to continuously improve our environmental performance and that of our products.

We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and other regulations.

If you are concerned about rising fuel prices, an XFIRE or XERO will probably be the answer. They have up to a 68% saving compared with the running costs of a conventional 7kW gas fire and produce far less CO2 emissions. They need no flue, can be fitted on almost any wall and are also easy and inexpensive to install, compared to many fireplaces.