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• The information on this website is correct at time of publication. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% accurate at the time of viewing. Please check with your local Acquisitions retailer before purchase.

• All specifications and dimensions are approximate. We reserve the right to alter and improve products without prior notice. Products purchased may differ in specification or appearance from those illustrated/described on this website. Due to varying screen resolutions and the fact that all homes and chimneys have different characteristics, flame images may vary from those shown. In all cases we strongly advise that products be inspected before both purchase and installation. Neither we nor our retailers can accept responsibility for costs of reinstallation or redecoration relating to products which have not been approved by the purchaser prior to installation.

• We pursue a policy of continuous development, constantly striving to improve our collection and keeping the environment high on our agenda. We always aim to design the most efficient gas fires possible, so that over time all our products will minimise fuel and energy usage and provide maximum heat output for the fuel used. Acquisitions X-FIRE flueless and balanced flue fires have been developed to meet demand for real-flame contemporary fires with modern levels of efficiency, thereby aiding in the reduction of CO2 emissions and helping to extend fossil fuel reserves. Nearly all conventional fires lose some of their heat through a chimney. A mere 20% of the heat generated by a traditional open solid fuel fire reaches the room, while an open decorative gas fire is 30% to 50% efficient. Even when an open gas or solid-fuel fire is not in use it can take existing room heat from sources such as radiators and storage heaters. Electric fires are said to be 100% efficient, but this does not take into account transmission losses between the power station and your home, which can be as high as 70%. Our flueless models, on the other hand, really are 100% efficient. Even allowing for the room air vent that is required by law, builders’ SAP2005 (energy efficiency) ratings on new-build houses are best when a flueless X-FIRE is specified.

• Installation and technical requirements should always be checked and discussed with a local Acquisitions retailer prior to purchase. Where technical advice is given by us, it is based on our understanding of the information supplied and is not intended as a substitute for a site survey by a competent person.

• Vents, veins, fossils and fissures are naturally occurring features of stone and marble, and one of the beauties of these materials is that no two pieces are the same. While every effort is made to match markings, you may not receive exactly the same figuring on your chosen model as you see in a showroom or in our brochure. All stone and marble is inherently unsound and requires repair and filling where appropriate. Its beautiful veining or venting is in fact its weakness. Where such repair and filling is necessary, it should not be considered a defect and is quite acceptable provided that the repair work is carefully and professionally executed. These repairs are sometimes stronger than the original material. Some chipping of the edges of the external returns of the legs, back edges of shelves, back panels and slips during transit or fitting is inevitable. These edges should be hidden when rebated behind the fireplace opening or chased into the wall. This is normal practice and acceptable provided the chips are not detrimental to the overall appearance of the fireplace. The materials we use for our stone surrounds are solid natural limestone, sandstone, granite and marble. Quarrying and cutting involves large quantities of water: this is absorbed by the stone, so individual components may vary in colour while drying. Shade variation may also be evident after fitting, as water is used during installation. In time the stone will dry to a uniform appearance. Drying-out times depend on the stone thickness, room ambience and installation procedure.

• Natural materials should be maintained with care according to the cleaning instructions provided. Painted, polished and finished surfaces may discolour during use due to heat: it is very important that the cleaning and installation instructions provided are followed. If in doubt, consult your retailer. Metal surfaces require regular protection against moisture ingress. It is normal for fuel-bed ceramics to crack in use due to shrinkage. Carbon deposits are a natural by-product of the combustion process and pebble ceramics may be affected.

• We are committed to preventing pollution and aim to continuously improve our own environmental performance as well as that of our products. We comply with relevant environmental legislation and safety regulations. Our objective is to minimise or, wherever practical, eliminate wastage in production, delivery and packaging.

• Acquisitions XERO and our other flueless fires have been developed to meet demand for real-flame fires with modern levels of efficiency, thereby aiding in the reduction of CO2 emissions and helping to extend fossil fuel reserves.

• Flueless fires, while extremely efficient, should not be regarded as a primary source of heat. We recommend they be installed in conjunction with an additional form of heating, such as central or underfloor.

• Compared to many gas fireplaces, XERO and X-FIRES are easy and inexpensive to install. If you are concerned about rising fuel prices, an X-FIRE flueless or balanced-flue fire will probably be the answer. They save up to 68% of the running costs of a conventional 7kW gas fire and produce lower CO2 emissions.

• All installations must comply with the relevant installation instructions and regulations. All dimensions are approximate and subject to change, and should be physically checked before commencing installation, cutting fireplace materials and/or constructing a wall or false chimney breast. Please note that all gas fires should be installed and then serviced annually by a Gas Safe or registered installer (two- and three-year warranty claims will require proof of annual servicing).

• All our open and flueless gas fires are fitted with an oxygen depletion sensor and are CE-marked. Where appropriate, a fire guard should be used, especially when the young, elderly or infirm are present.

• Decorative gas fires are a secondary source of heat.

• A wood-burning stove is a highly efficient, low-cost heat source. Wood is a genuinely renewable, carbon-neutral fuel: when burned it only emits the quantity of carbon it absorbed during growth, and no more than if it decayed naturally. For efficient combustion, economical use of fuel, least stove maintenance and maximal eco-friendliness, only use properly seasoned wood that has dried out for between 10 and 24 months depending on type. Hardwoods usually come from deciduous trees and softwoods from evergreens, though there are exceptions. Because of its density a good hardwood provides more fuel to burn than an equal volume of softwood; the stove does not need to be fed as often and the resultant charcoal beds may burn more easily overnight. Ash is the best firewood; beech also produces good heat and a bright flame but tends to spark; oak burns slowly and gives off lots of heat but takes up to two years to dry out. Softwoods contain more resin and pitch, which, when properly dry, are high-octane fuel (if there is excess water in the pitch it will produce more creosote in the chimney). Dry softwoods – which, if cut in winter, are usually ready for use the following autumn – burn more quickly than hardwoods and tend to spit and crackle more. The two types can be used separately or together, but softwood is not recommended for maintaining a fire over a long period. Never use chemically treated wood or manufactured wood products such as particle board. Wood can also be bought pre-seasoned (check its authenticity) or kiln-dried.

• Plan your wood requirements for your solid-fuel stove a season ahead, and store the logs in a dry location with good ventilation, such as a shed or shelter with an open side. If a tarpaulin is your only option, be sure to remove it on fine days. Damp wood creates more pollution and leaves the chimney cooler for longer, increasing the amount of creosote that forms when the smoke condenses.

• A hot bed of charcoals and ash can enhance the combustion process when burning larger pieces of wood in a stove, so start with a small fire to create a bed of hot embers, then gradually increase the size of the logs. Remove some of the ash periodically but always leave some on which to light the next fire.

• Your Acquisitions stove is guaranteed against defects arising from faulty manufacture for one year from the date of purchase on condition that your Acquisitions dealer or other suitably qualified engineer installs it and you retain the receipt as proof of purchase. The warranty does not cover the following parts, which may require occasional replacement during the normal usage of the stove: glass panels, rope seals, glass seals, bottom/fire grate, ash pan, fire bricks, mitt, baffle. Only genuine Acquisitions spare parts are recommended.

• If you have cause for dissatisfaction with your stove, you should first contact your Acquisitions dealer, who will bring your concerns to our attention. We will assess the nature of the complaint and either send replacements parts for your dealer to fit, or nominate a regional engineer to inspect the appliance and carry out any necessary remedial work. If the fault is not due to faulty manufacture but to some other cause – such as misuse, incorrect installation or failure to service at regular intervals – a charge will be made to cover the cost of the visit and any new parts required. In the first year Acquisitions will only deal with the dealer direct.

• Our design and quality-control criteria ensure that relevant appliances comply with British, European, North American or other international safety and operational standards.

• Your statutory rights are unaffected. We offer a one-year warranty on all our designs except X-FIRE Flueless and XERO, which have a two-year warranty, and X-FIRE 1200 Balanced Flue, which has a three-year warranty.

• X-FIRE designs are protected by copyright and other design rights. X-FIRE lightweight frame construction is protected by UK, EU, US and other patents and applications. RX3 is protected by UK patent.

• All our designs are protected as Registered Designs. Acquisitions, Acquisitions Fireplaces Ltd, Acquisitions of London, Acquisitions X-FIRES, X-FIRES and RX3 RefleXion Technology amongst others are all trademarks of Acquisitions Fireplaces Limited.

• None of our designs nor any part of this website may be reproduced without prior written permission.

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